Come Join Me for a Retreat in San Francisco

I will be speaking at the Lenten Retreat in San Francisco at Joy of All Who Sorrow Cathedral this coming weekend. My topic will be “Running on Empty in the Abundant Life.” I am greatly looking forward to meeting the faithful in the Bay Area and participating in the life of one of the great churches in American Orthodoxy.

If you’re in the area, come join us!


  1. Dear Fr,

    What day and time will you be at the SF Cathedral, and are there any special requirements to attend?

    Gracias, DM

  2. May the Lord bless your Lenten retreat and all of the faithful in the Bay Area.

    Can we expect a similar gathering at the home of your ancestors in England soon? Dino and I would be happy to organise it!

    Your blessing, Father Stephen.

  3. running on empty… hope you’ll post a summary. would love to read your thoughts on that topic!

  4. I have seen this!
    Well….England would be very happy to have you again and again Fr Stephen.
    Thomas; can we arrange together ?
    Please email me on the website
    or email hidden; JavaScript is required

  5. Dear Fr.

    Does the church have a position on the use of marijauna for pain relief and treatment?

    This may seem trite and clothed in ignorance, so please forgive me if so.

    However, all information would be greatly valued.

    Sincerely, DM

  6. Dennis M,
    Not that I’ve seen. If it were a legitimate medical use, I certainly would not oppose it on pastoral/moral grounds. Opiates (morphine, for example) have been used for medical purposes for probably 10,000 years.

  7. Father, thank you for being open to our invitation! I have met fellow Orthodox Christians quoting your book and blog in the most unexpected places, I am sure we can organise flights and accommodation for you and the Presvytaira. It would be an honour and a privilege to host an event in England. I am thinking London, but perhaps an Orthodox pilgrimage (Ely, Essex) might be more suitable.

    Father, perhaps I could email you privately to ask for your requirements, whether or not a formal invitation is required by a Parish, and so on.

    Mourad, I will be in contact shortly, we need all the help we can get!
    Dino, come out wherever you are, we need your prayers and your effectiveness.

    Your blessings.

  8. May you be blessed in the presence of St. John Maximovich!!!
    I have sent an email letting my dear cousin know you will be there speaking.
    S.F. is my home, I am now living in WI and can’t be there…..please include your talk on the blog.
    Thank you,
    Have a safe & wonderful trip.

  9. I’d go if I could. I won’t be in the Bay Area until Paskha.
    In Christ, Irene T.

  10. I would have loved to come and meet you face to face. I missed you the last time you were in Essex Father – I now live in UK – as I was in Athos at the time. However if I do come your way in the future I will endeavour to come to you.
    My prayers are always with you.

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  12. I had the great joy to meet Fr. Stephen in San Francisco this weekend at the cathedral erected by St. John Maximovich of Shanghai and San Francisco. His talk and QA session were incredible; I hope a video will be posted somewhere for everyone to enjoy.

    A highlight for me was a joke told by Nun Theoktisti in her QA session. She’s an Orthodox nun at the Holy Monastery of Saint John the Forerunner in Anatoli, Greece. When asked to comment on gender issues in Western cultures she said the sisters in her monastery tell the story among themselves that when technology progresses to the point when you can buy a replacement brain, men’s brains will go for $50,000 and women’s brains for $1,000. The difference, she said, is because the women’s brains will be used.

    The whole room broke into laughter, including the Bishop. Even precious and serious souls can have fun!

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