The Angels Sing!


A Serbian Christmas Song – lyrics by St. Nikolai Velimirovich

Andjeli Pevaju

Noć prekrasna i noć tija,
nad pećinom zvezda sija,
u pećini mati spi,
nad Isusom andjel bdi.

Andjeli pevaju,
pastiri sviraju,
andjeli pevaju
mudraci javljaju:
Što narodi čekaše,
što proroci rekoše,
evo sad se u svet javi,
u svet javi i objavi:
Rodi nam se Hristos Spas
za spasenje sviju nas.
Aliluja, aliluja,
Gospodi pomiluj!

(deep voice) no matter what you are doing, spin threads for heaven!

Angels Sing  (lyrics)

the night so grand and placid,
a star shining over the cave,
the mother sleeping in the cave,
where the angel of Jesus hast been.

the angels are singing,
the sheperds are fluting,
the angels are singing,
the wise bring it forth:
what the nations awaited,
what the prophets had said,
here and now it is announced,

it is announced and brought forth:
Christ, our Redeemer is born!
for the Salvation of us all.
halleluya, halleluya,
Lord, have mercy!

Joy, Soul, Passion, Honor, Jesus, Faith, Hope, Salvation, Peace, Repentance, the Lord, Calmness, Love, Charity, Harmony…

(addendum) God’s peace! Christ is born! Truly, He is born!… let’s renew ourselves, let’s lift up the pillars!


  1. So beautiful it brings tears to my eyes! We have played and played it. I am saving the words and the link. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful gift with all of us!

  2. Just wanted to offer a point of clarification. At the end, when they say “let’s renew ourselves, let’s lift up the pillars”, “pillars” should be capitalized. These beautiful videos are a fundraising effort, to benefit the rebuilding of Pillars of St. George (Djurdjevi Stupovi), a medieval monastery built by Stefan Nemanja (St. Symeone the Myhrstreaming).
    Father Stephen, thank you very much for this wonderful ministry. I read regularly but haven’t commented before. I grew up in Serbia, so I figured I should provide some background for these videos that you post, that come from my neck of the woods. Please, Father, bless.

  3. Milos,
    Thanks for the information. I had wondered about the pillars whether they were rightly translated. I’ll correct the spelling and note their meaning.

  4. Fr. Stephen, would it be alright for Milos to share the information on how to assist with the fundraising effort?

  5. Milos is certainly welcome to share the information. The project may be complete by now…the video is several years old.

  6. Not really on topic, yet I’m sure some angels are singing today: my son’s best friend, Matthew is being Christmated today and I am honored to be his sponsor. Several others are also being Christmated this day here at St. George. Each has traveled a unique and difficult road to get here.

    I give thanks to all and any of the angelic host who helped, guided and protected them in their journey.

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