A New Level of Conversation – the Crisis of Beauty



I am excited by the opportunity to have this conversation with Kevin Allen on Ancient Faith Radio. He does a masterful job of researching and guiding a conversation within the world of Orthodox thought. This is a topic that has been greatly on my heart and in my thoughts lately (no surprise to readers). “Tune in” on Sunday, May 26, at 8 pm Eastern Time (New York time). The program is also recorded for those who cannot listen live. There are also “callers” – the most unpredictable and often the most interesting part of the conversation. Let others know and join the conversation!



  1. I read the books when I was younger, and I recall they were quite titillating…I’ve wanted to watch the show, but I’ve heard that it can be pretty risque. What do you think, Father?

  2. Fr. Aidan,

    Ugh…Game of Thrones…my daughter loves that show & can identify any episode by title, number & date aired from the previews!

    Fr. Stephen,
    I look forward to it & will have to catch it the next day via recording as I work 2nd shift. Have fun!

  3. And for those not too familiar with Ancient Faith Today, there’s also an active chatroom going during the program. You can get there from the program’s page.

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