The God Gene


  1. My thanks to the Pontificator (of Pontifications blog fame) for the link.

    They have also discovered the blog gene and the gene that makes people want to comment on blogs, as well as the gene that makes people want to respond to comments.

  2. Okay now. I took this as jest right up until the time he made fun of Nicholas Cage films. “Raising Arizona” is one of the better comedies ever made. Making fun of Nicholas Cage makes me want to punch someone in the head!


    Great post, father!

  3. I’ll leave this post up for a day or so – but I think it may be causing an error in my wordpress loading. I have to check things out. If it’s a problem, I’ll load it a different way, but I’ll have to work to keep the comments. Ah, think I got it working again. nevermind.

  4. I think this is going to become one of my all time favorite Cleese Clips. Nice to see when we have allies in unexpected corners neh?

  5. John Cleese has been one of the funniest people alive for many years. This is very good. Thank you!

  6. I bet Francis S. Collins, Christian geneticist and Director of the Human Genome Project, would get a big kick out of this, too!

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