By Your Prayers

Picture 023It is a common phrase in Orthodoxy, “By your prayers.” it is a recognition that we cannot make this journey alone. I have days when I think I’m doing ok, and then there are much longer periods when I realize that only by the prayers of others and the mercies of God will I make this journey in any shape or form.

I am probably more fortunate than many. I have a saintly wife, godly children, and a parish that loves me despite my many weaknesses. Thus I find that I am surrounded by encouraging voices. The voices I hear on my blog or from my podcast are generally of the same kind of encouragement.

And yet, God so loves us, that regardless of what we find around us, we still have struggles. Were there no struggles there would be no victory over sin. My struggles are known to my confessor, but your prayers are known to God – and for them I am grateful. I assure you all of mine.

This Sunday is the Sunday of All Saints. It is a reminder that “no one is saved alone.” We have all entered the field rather late in the game. We have indeed a great cloud of witnesses. Before these witnesses I ask your prayers and offer you mine. By the prayers of our holy fathers we will find God’s mercies and the safe harbor of his love.


  1. How delighted I am to discover that All Saints comes a week after Pentecost in the Orthodox calendar! It is apt, and seems less contrived than the Western Trinity Sunday. I came across your blog in searching for Al Kimel’s, which (to my disappointment) he has ended. I am a new Orthodox Christian, coming out of Anglicanism, and will enjoy reading your blog from time to time.

    In gratitude for your posts,

  2. Father Bless,

    Thank you for reminding us of this Blessed Unity in Christ when all Christians pray for one another and for the Holy Orthodox Church.

  3. all my life i have had a child i could picture myself as a movie i gew older i had daydreams of being married to paul mccartney.going to ucla uv. now my daydreams are to be nun in the oethodox church.i think that is not what god has for me.i have always i know my calling is prayer.which for the church is probably the most important mission a person is called to john the baptist said i must decrease so he can increase.

  4. My Dad’s funeral service was last Saturday, held in the Episcopal Church. I was surrounded by family and friends but one face helped me more than any other and that is of a friend and fellow Orthodox Christian who took the time to attend. The comfort that knowing she is praying for me, indeed my whole parish is praying, means more than I can say…
    Thanks for the good word Father.

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