For Your Kindness

For the kindness of those who expressed their thanks for this blog – I offer my heartfelt thanks. The Eastern Christian Blog Awards have just been posted. Your kindness voted Glory to God for All Things “best” in two categories: Best Individual Blog and Best Theology Blog. 

I enjoy reading the blogs of others more than my own – so I’m not sure I would have described this site in the same terms. “Best” is probably more a testament to blog traffic than a matter of quality. Nonetheless, I am grateful for the kindness of friends. May God bless all of you and the good folks who put together the Eastern Christian Blog Awards.


  1. As one who never comments directly, but reads your blog regularly, I would say the awards are more likely a testament the impact your work makes. Your work impacts many people – clearly those who comment, but probably also many times over that number who may never comment but feast on what you give. Thank you Fr. Stephen.

  2. Isn’t there Orthodox teaching on accepting a complement? You thank us and then try to explain you aren’t as good as we think you are.
    My grandmother said, “Smile and say thank you.”

    Do not challenge your readers to come up with ever more elaborate ways to thank you. We will rise to that unfortunate occasion.

  3. Well deserved honors, Fr. Stephen. I am greatly enriched by your writing. Thanks for doing this important work.

  4. Glad to see that God is continuing to use you to reach others. I hope that you will continue allowing him to complete the work he has already begun in you and bring it to fulfillment.

  5. Father, while your humility is always appreciated, please know that your work, and more importantly God’s work through you, is also appreciated.

    Congrats to you and glory to God. 🙂

  6. Father Stephen, your awards are much deserved. On Sunday, June the 21st, my wife and I will officially be received as catechumens into the Orthodox Church by Archbishop Seraphim of Ottawa and Canada. We have been on this journey towards the Orthodox Church for a year now, and during that time your blog (and therefore yourself) has been the single biggest influence for me in that process. I am deeply grateful.

  7. Your work on this blog is much appreciated. I recommend it to others and find much that is helpful here. Congratulations on the recognition. It is deserved.
    BTW, I was excited to learn that you to make a book out of the “living on the first floor/one story universe” series. It will be great to have that material available all together and in a handy format.
    Fr John

  8. Congratulations to the voters who have recognized a voice of reason and a man who searches his heart for the truth without a political agenda. For those of us out in ReaderLand, Fr. Stephen is a spiritual compass. I always think of the humungus difference of being challenged daily by Fr. Stephen with watching a TV evangelist. Are we even talking about the same God?
    Following Our Lord Jesus Christ is a constant challenge. The New Testament is far from “warm ‘n cuddly.” In the vernacular of the day “Walking the walk” isn’t easy. Far simpler to offer burnt and sin offerings as called for in the covenant of the Old Testament. How many of the kings of Israel were dismissed with “he did that which was good and right (OR EVIL) in the eyes of the Lord his God.” What about all their subjects who did right or evil?
    Back to the present.
    Thank you to the hierarchy of the Orthodox Church for recognizing the importance of Fr. Stephen’s ministry. He likely would be uncomfortable at being labeled a prophet, but it’s as close as we have today. God Bless Fr. Stephen and those who give him such a voice within “organized religion.”

  9. My heartiest congratulations for the two richly deserved blog awards recently accorded you.
    For me, you are becoming an “eSpiritualDirector”!
    May the peace of the Lord be always with you,
    Sam Miller, Jr.

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