Eastern Christian Blog Awards

Eastern Christian Blog Awards is receiving nominations in a variety of categories. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a category “Best Eastern Christian Blog that Atheists Read”. But here is the web address should you want to nominate a blog. My blogroll contains some excellent blogs – any number of which could be called “best.” This blog won an award last year. Awards may only be a measure of readership, etc., but for those who do the work to maintain these things – a pat on the back is a kindness. The address: http://ecawards.blogspot.com/


  1. Probably should make it more specific: Eastern Christian Blog that Atheists Read That Is Written by OCA priests in Tennessee Out of the Back of a Pickup Truck (I made that last bit up about the truck – it just seemed right somehow).

  2. Fr Chris,
    In good TN fashion I have a pickup truck – and it belongs to my son. He’s away at college so it stays with me. I think he paid about $120 for it. We found a bumper for it at a junk yard, he duct-taped the back light that was falling off – and it was as good as – well good enough. It takes effort, but it is possible to live the authentic life.

  3. you can take the redneck out of the hills but you cant take the hills outta the redneck.

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