A Brief Excursion

After Liturgy on Sunday, I fly to California to attend the Baptism of my grandson, Peter Alexis Holste. His father, Priest Hermogen Holste, is Rector of Nativity of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church in Menlo Park, CA. His wife, my first-born, is Matushka Mary Holste. Many years to all of them on such a great occasion. I fly out after Church on Sunday and fly home on Tuesday. My joy is increased by the fact that my second daughter and her husband, Khouria Kathryn Rogers and Priest Philip Rogers, connect with my flight in Houston for what promises to be the most fun leg of the trip. For those of you who like to pray for travelers, your prayers will be most welcome – or even if you don’t like to pray for travelers – your prayers will be most welcome. It’s a lot of America in a short time. I will try to post Sunday or Monday night if time permits. Blessings to all!


  1. Yes, the airport is lovely! It’s all I’ve ever seen of Houston. It’s also my first real trip to California, and it’s such a quick turnaround. Archbishop Dmitri is coming to my parish next weekend, so I need to get back quickly and continue preparations. Not a time for a vacation. But the sight of my only grandchild (for the first time) should be worth far more than California or a vacation.

  2. I’ve been in that church in Menlo Park. It is small but unusually beautiful. It must be a pleasure to serve there.

  3. I am on the ground and in my hotel room in California. It’s extremely late with an early Baptism. I learned tonight that the Bishop cannot come, so that I will be doing the Baptism – truly a great honor! I hope to post and respond to comments more tomorrow. Thanks for the patience and prayers.

  4. Father, bless,

    Have a wonderful trip, it sounds fabulous. Prayers for your grandson and for you as you perform the ceremony.

  5. With unrelenting joy,

    The Baptism this morning was wonderful, my grandson the model of decorum! The Church had an amazing crowd for a Monday morning, all of whom were beaming with love for my grandchild and equally for their priest, my son-in-law and his beautiful wife, my daughter. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a young priest more beloved by his people or who loved his people more. It was a sheer pleasure. The parish is quite Russian, though I did the service in English.

    But the love, the piety, and the grace that filled the morning was a highpoint in my life as a priest. I have many occasions on which I have had to stop and marvel at the kindness God has extended to me – who deserves none of it (no one knows this better than I). I am certain that the favor I have found on such occasions is due to the prayers of my beloved wife and her righteous parents. I have stood in the shadow of great prayer warriors, may God be blessed forever.

    May my children know such blessings all their lives.

    I have seen my children’s children, and he is like a fine olive shoot (to use the Biblical metaphor). This is a great blessing. I am becoming an ancestor. 🙂

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