Who’s in Charge of Our Life?



  1. Oh my goodness. I’m a software developer, and I can tell you beyond doubt that this was not social commentary or humor; this is reality. I deal with this almost daily.

    To me the most true-to-life part where the client was at home (cooking dinner!) and calling the poor designer to talk about work!

  2. Um — am I missing something? Is there a reason you used the possessive “Whose” instead of the contraction “Who’s” (as in, “Who is…”)?

  3. Haha. . . Wow that was hilarious. . . I don’t know why I watched the entire thing, but I couldn’t turn my eyes away. Superb and hilarious social commentary Father.

  4. Yup..perfect. I deal with this EVERY day. Managing projects at a University is just like this. 🙂
    Great find Father Steven

  5. I’m a freelance graphic designer myself, and I laughed my head off! Oh, how I can relate.

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