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As the ministry of Glory to God for All Things continues to grow, I give thanks to readers who read, comment, and share with others what they find useful. Tonight or tomorrow we will have logged 800,000 visits to the site, a very gratifying number. I recently added a “flag count” to the blog, which has noted that since about July 10 we have had visits from over 80 countries. A number of them are nations which we normally count among the nations of Islam. I have information of inreach into some countries that are normally thought of as inacessible as well. Please pray for this ministry and its related ministry, Glory to God podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. We have had about 4,000 downloads or more per month with that ministry. It is a quiet ministry that God is using for much good in the lives of inquiring people. May God bless all of our readers and may we pray for all as though for ourselves!


  1. Great numbers come with great content on a consistent basis. God is using you in a great way.

    Protestant Christian under the US flag.

  2. Hey, I just had a thought…maybe you could complile your blog entries into a daily devotional book, along the lines of “Daily Vitamins for Spiritual Growth” by Fr. Coniaris. What thinkest thou?

  3. Fr. James,

    Christ is in our midst! I in the very, very early stages of conversation about some kind of book based on a selection of blog material. I’m thinking mostly about Christianity in One Storey Universe and Other Essays. If that’s not boring a title. We’ll see. God will have to show me how to make time.

  4. Fr. Stephen,
    As always I appreciate your blog and your podcast. I am curious. How are things going at St. Anne’s? Maybe one of these days I’ll have to make the trip over to visit your church. God bless!

  5. I have been a reader of your blog for about 18 months. When I began reading, I had little to no hope that my husband would be interested in Orthodoxy. In the last two months, however, God has used AFR to help draw out many concerns he had and answered them. My husband finally said last Saturday night, “I’ve heard enough about Orthodoxy, I want to SEE it!” So we found the nearest parish (western rite Antiochian) and attended Divine Liturgy for the first time together. We had an excellent reception and will most likely go again this Sunday. Glory to God!


  6. Dear Father Stephen, I found this blog “by accident” a while ago (I do not actually believe in accidents) and like to stop by from time to time since then. Thank you for the “food” you provide through your posts.

    God bless you and your family and your ministry.

  7. Father bless,

    I would just like to point to the fact that there are many readers that read your blog via feed readers (including me, via Google Reader) and very rarely visit the blog directly. So, this being said, I dare to say that I think you’ve reached the number of million readers long time ago.

    In Christ,

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