Scenes of Orthodox Monasticism


  1. Father, could you expand on/explain the quotation at the beginning of the video “make peace with yourself and heaven and earth will make peace with you”? It seems counterintuitive to think that the way I view myself can have any affect on the world around me and the heavens above me. I assume then it is somehow existential in meaning but beyond that I am confused.

  2. I assume in St. Isaac, that to make peace with yourself is another way of speaking about repentance. So long as we are slaves of sin, we are at war with ourselves (as in Romans 7). His statement is much like St. Seraphim’s, “Acquire the Spirit of peace and a thousand souls around you will be saved.”

    Having peace with oneself is not about how you view yourself, but true, inner integrity that comes from repentance and the grace of God.

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