From the teachings of St. Silouan:

The man who likes to have his own way will never know peace.


  1. “Pride=solitude=hell’s darkness. Pride, hence ambition, hence partiality, incapacity for self-estimation; hence stupidity.
    The proud man is stupid in his judgments, even if he is by nature born with the mind of a genius. And vice versa: the humble man is wise, even if he is “not clever”; the essence of wisdom – the sense of Truth and humility concerning it – is accessible to him.”
    ~Fr Yelchaninov

  2. How true!

    How true of me!

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me!

  3. antiphon,

    I’m sure we’re as liable to sin as anyone else. If, however, you are talking about the responsibility of leadership – a priest cannot shirk that either. I would add, a congregation that always wants their own way will never know peace.

    But, the bottom line, I don’t think it is appropriate to ask the question of anyone but yourself. “What would you have this man do?” when speaking of someone else, brought a rebuke from Christ to St. Peter, at the end of John’s gospel.

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