New Zealand and Orthodoxy – A Question

I know I have readers in all sorts of corners of the world. At the moment I have a young parishioner who is spending some months in New Zealand. He’ll be on the South Island during Pascha and is looking for a good parish to attend. Can any of you good readers recommend a parish friendly to a young Orthodox traveler on the South Island of New Zealand? His priest would be much obliged for any help.


  1. Well, I can’t speak personally for any of the parishes except for the one in Auckland which I attended once while in town for work. However as a result of my communications for that trip I was notified recently of a web site update for the Greek Orthodox Church in New Zealand. That URL is Under the tab “Churches” there are some listed which are situated on the South Island.

  2. Dear Father Stephen,
    I suggest you contact email hidden; JavaScript is required
    Thank you also for your site – it provides many rich Blessings in along my journey into Orthodoxy.
    Yours in Christ
    Fr Ron

  3. Dear Fr. Stephen,

    I don’t know of individual churches per se, but the recently appointed Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Amphilochios is a wonderful hierarch, whom I know personally. He was the former abbot of the Monastery of the Archangel Michael at Tharri on the island of Rhodes. I gather the Orthodox church is rather “thin” in that part of the world but your spiritual child should not hesitate to ask a blessing from him. Here is the Metropolis Website.

    Please have your young charge say to the Metropolitan “Fr. Nicholas from Ohio sends his love and greetings”. I’m sure after explaining his needs every effort will be made to aid him.

    Fr. Nicholas

  4. I continue to be grateful for the various bits of information helping a parishioner in what is a far corner of the world (for an American). Thank you and please continue with suggestions or information. He is a very dear spiritual child and his parents are dear friends and parishioners. I might add that this young man made pilgrimage to England (St. John’s in Essex) with his father, and myself and my son of his age two years ago. He’s been a good companion.

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