Traditional Byzantine Hymn of Christmas – In Arabic


  1. Fascinating. While I can’t say I like middle eastern music, I certainly appreciate its ancient history and roots. It is certainly interesting to see how their concept of hymnody is so different from that of the western world.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you so much for posting this and other music from other traditions. Music more than almost anything (except smells) seems to transport me to other places and make them real. When I listen to the various selections you’ve shared over the last few months, I feel the presence of a cloud of witness — my family from all times and all places, worshiping our Father.

  3. For those who are interested, this hymn one of the stichera sung at the 9th hour during the Royal Hours on Christmas eve. Holy Cross Monastery sings it on their “Christ is born” cd, and the fathers from Valaam Monastery sing it on theirn “Fountan of Immortality” cd. My favorite is the Valaam version.
    This has to be probably my favorite hymn of the Christmas season. Thanks Fr. finding it. This is huge relief after hearing, “Frosty the snowman”, J”Rudolf the red nose reigndeer” “Jingle bell rock”, “Feliz Navidad”, etc., etc., ad nauseum, every where I go.

  4. This is a beautiful piece. The tone of this hymn brings together for the faithful the connection of Pascha with the Nativity. This same melody is used for the procession with the Cross on Holy Thursday. The wisdom of the church is that this would not be lost on the faithful. The words are also very similar. You might recall that the Holy Thursday hymn begins “He who suspended the earth upon the waters, is now suspended upon a Cross…” The melodies, the words of the hymns, the celebrations of the Church. It is all so beautifully intertwined. Thank you for reminding me of that with this piece that I cannot understand the words, but can feel the emotion.

  5. Fr. Philip,

    In time, may God grant you even understanding of those words (Arabic) to the praise of the glory of his grace. It is a sweet tune. I was also reminded of the 15th ode on the Cross – same tune and similar words. The words, “Grant us to see Thy theophany” where in Holy Week it is “grant us to see Thy resurrection” is also a reminder that Theophany is itself another small Pascha. The richness and the wonder of it all!

  6. I have produced another one of these with much help

    Please pray for the middle east. Thank you. In Christ.

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