Unexpected Travel

I am rather unexpectedly traveling to Indianapolis for a meeting Thursday and Friday and will post as I get a chance (hotel at night, I suppose). I would appreciate prayer and patience with the blog as I will be out-of-pocket for most of the next two days.


  1. Peace be upon you and God bless and keep you on your travels.

    Unrelated, but I have a question for whenever you have a moment. Is there a substantive difference in Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox practice, or are they simply cultural variations of the same faith?

  2. Parallel sidewalk,

    I tried to post a link, but I think that either it wouldn’t post or I did something wrong. So here is the actual text from the link, at the OCA’s website. It’s answering the very question you put forth, and I believe is from Fr. Matusiak:

    “As far as doctrine, Holy Tradition, understanding of Scripture, etc., there is no difference between Greek and Russian Orthodox churches. The key word is “Orthodox,” with the ethnic designation in front being a secondary consideration.

    Just as in the Roman Catholic confession one may find a “Polish Roman Catholic” parish, an “Italian Roman Catholic” parish, or just a “Roman Catholic” parish — all of which are the same religion but perhaps of different ethnic origins — so too one will encounter “Russian Orthodox” parishes, “Greek Orthodox” parishes, “Romanian Orthodox” parishes, and just “Orthodox” parishes — the latter indicating that the parish is made up of people of various ethnic backgrounds.

    Parishes with ethnic designations may employ languages other than English in worship to a greater or lesser degree, or may favor music of one or another national traditions, but the faith is one and the same.”

  3. Orthodostitcher,

    Thank you for the kind invitation – we have a meeting today, and the a trip at the end of the day back home to Tennessee. I have Baptisms tomorrow and liturgy on Sunday. But I would love to come another time.

  4. Can’t blame me for trying 🙂 I wasn’t sure if you would be gone for the weekend or not (knowing that you have an assistant priest).

    I have made that drive a few times, it is not a short drive – especially at the end of the day – though you are perhaps flying. I hope you had a good trip!

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