New “Page” Posted

I have combined the series on the one-and-two-storey universe into a six-part series and posted it under the Pages section on the right margin of the Blog. People can now click and read the entire string. I hope this will be of interest to some. It is in the pages section with the title: Christianity in a One Storey Universe.


  1. Fr. Stephen…it seems the story about the monks at St. Antony’s Monastery in Egypt is missing from your pages section. Was that intentional? Hope not, because that’s what first grabbed my attention and I think it illustrates a one-storey universe quite well! Thanks for your great blog.

  2. Father,

    This speaks to the deepest places of the soul. Outstanding exposition. You have your thumb – your whole hand – on the defining “problem” if you will, of modern Christianity here in the West.


  3. Fr. Stephen:

    I think you have the beginnings or makings of a book here. Please pursue it as God leads you and as time permits.

  4. I appreciate the compliment. There is a possibility of an edited collection from the entire blog at the moment. But a lot of time demands from other work for this fall. But I am glad to find language that is helpful.

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