Music from Orthodox Georgia

Among the older Orthodox nations in the world is the Republic of Georgia. Their local traditions include many saints, wonderful churches, and some of the most hauntingly beautiful music anywhere in the Orthodox world. This is a small clip from a Georgian monastery. Enjoy.


  1. Wow. This is extremely beautiful. I’ve been listening to more Wicca chant lately, and was tiring of most Orthodox chant. But this… wow. Do you know of a place I can order a CD of this?

  2. Justin, why Wicca chant. It has no tradition (Wicca is a modern invention). Try Amazon or St. Vladimir’s Press – google Georgia Chant. Something will turn up.

  3. the priests words in the beginning sounded similar to Armenian…even though i know,the languages have nothing in common except for the saint who created the alphabets for both languages

  4. To Jasmine,
    Actually the legend of the two languages being created by one person is not right. :)))))))))

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