God is Wonderful in His Saints


The painting of St. Sergius as a youth by Mikhail Nesterov is one of my favorites. Just a bit more beauty to share.


  1. This is unbelieveably beautiful!! Breathtaking!

    Thank you so much for sharing it. Are there others?

  2. One of my favorites, also, especially since St. Sergius was the very first Orthodox person who “introduced” himself to me, i.e., came into my life long before I considered becoming Orthodox.

    Athanasia — you should check out Nesterov’s “Taking the Veil.” 😀

  3. The one place where I have found the most works by Nesterov is on a website called Olga’s Gallery. They’ve got probably 20 or more of his works. Vasnetsov is another Russian painter to look at. Both capture a certain Romantic (in the technical sense) aspect to Russia than portrays things in a fairly transcendent mode. I like them both, as well as some others I’ve seen.

  4. that saint has a pointy hat… i’ve never seen an eastern orthodox person have a pointy black hat like the armenian monk priests and bishops

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