Some Things Have to Be Posted


My house is quickly being swallowed up by impending nuptials. Tomorrow my oldest daughter and my second’s daughter’s husband arrive. News continues to reach us of family the will be joining us in S.C. for my son’s wedding. He is marrying an Orthodox girl who delights our heart. Indeed our hearts are very full. But I post a photo of my son from much earlier years. I treasure it because it speaks of the unbounded joy that he brings to life. Why is God so good to me? I’ll say more this week – how could I not?


  1. Fr. Stephen– This post brought tears to my eyes. My John Patrick (fourth child and only boy) just celebrated his first birthday, and I know he will be marrying some girl before I know it. I cherish these days, but I fear not enough. How can we cherish them enough?


  2. Christopher,

    All I know is that you cherish them all you can and then you will wish you had cherished them more. I frequently repent when I think of how I “busied” myself when my oldest two were little – missing important things. I was in my twenties and still foolish in these matters.

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