Now Lay Aside All Earthly Cares

This youtube video has the music of Tchaikovsky’s Cherubimic Hymn.

Let us who mystically represent the Cherubim and sing the thrice holy hymn to life-creating Trinity, now lay aside all earthly cares that we may receive the King of All who comes mystically upborne by the angelic hosts. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.


  1. The wintry scene of this video was all the more welcome to me at this point in Tennesee’s summer. Also, the snow reminds me of how wonderfully still life becomes here in the South in our rare snows. People stop what they’re doing (if theres’s enough snow) and seem to revert to their childhood. I once sledded for an afternoon with two of my neighbors who were in their 70’s. It was all the more wonderful because it was likely the last time we would ever have such an opportunity.

  2. That’s just beautiful. Thanks.

    I’d like to see Rachmaninov’s Vespers treated similarly — especially the third part (Blazhen Muz — Praise the Lord, O my Soul).

    Father, I stumbled on a book by Arseniev on Russian piety. Do you know anything about him/it?

  3. It’s an old classic – which is to say it was one of the earliest books in English on Orthodox spirituality. I believe he was part of the Russian Emigre community (post Revolution) and lived and taught in England, his daughter, I believe, being in France. (Boy I’m drawing on old brain cells here so I may not be reliable with those details). But I know the book well. It’s a good read – perhaps somewhat general – but for that it’s good.
    Frankly many of the books that share a positive memory of the pre-revolutionary Church and Russian Orthodox life are of great value. There were places where the Church and culture were marvelously meshed.
    Of course, it’s also for us to remember that 19th century Russia is not the goal of Orthodoxy, but rather the Kingdom of God. If 19th century Russia reveals some aspect of that to us (which no doubt it does for many), then all to the better.
    As I recall he has a chapter towards the end of the book (again my brain cells) about an encounter with a community of Old Believers that is an absolute delight to read.

  4. I just want to point out that this post is the third link returned when I google for “lay aside all earthly cares.” Nice!

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  6. I showed this to my children and my middle child, Sydney, commented how beautifully magical this place (on the video) looks. Then she heard the music and that it made her feel what she described as a longing and grief. She wants to keep listening to it. Thanks for sharing.

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