Music from Heaven

I thought all might enjoy this singing from Russia, written by Chesnikov, it is marked by his love of Basso Profundo. I think of it as praising God from the very bottom of your feet.


  1. I was at the UK premiere of Arvo Pärt’s Kanon Pokajanen (the Canon of Redemption by St Andrew of Crete) at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival – and I remember the bass parts resonating the deconsacrated church the concert was held in.

    It was a deeply moving piece by this orthodox composer and I wish there was a decent piece of video on youtube instead of 14 seconds from a concert recorded on a phone.

  2. Pavel Chesnokov is one of my favorite composers. We don’t get enough of his music in the West. (My *very* favorite Russian composer is Rachmaninov. His All-Night Vigil was one of the things that started me on my path to Orthodoxy.)

    As for the basses — I live with one in my life, my son. There’s nothing like a basso profundo, what the Russians call an “octavist.”

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