Can There Be Morality on the Moon?

I rarely refer people to a blog article by someone whom I don’t know. But I was recently directed to an article by William Gairdner that does an excellent job of looking at the fact that none of us lives in a “moral bubble.” Our lives are always connected to the lives of others. In Orthodoxy this is a fundamental doctrine of the nature of persons. His article, though largely exploring the issue in terms of ethics and “political” thought, makes an excellent presentation of the ideas involved. It also points to some of the sources for much of modern “individualistic” thought that is simply anathema to the Orthodox faith. I recommend it as a good read. Hats off to the Web Elf for the link!


  1. It is hard to bring God’s shalom through Christ to the world if we never touch another’s life. From Genesis 1 forward, community is what we should be about…biblical community.

  2. And we will never have such Shalom until we know that my life more than touches another – it has a profound solidarity with all human beings. There is but one human nature in which we all participate. What effects me effects all, and vice versa.

  3. This common human nature is exactly what is denied by 21st century libertarians. They seem to insist that every individual is to be regarded as sui generis. They implicitly deny that the biological concept of species applies to humans – or, rather, they classify every individual human being as a distinct species.

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