Lament Me Not


Do not lament me, O Mother, seeing me in the tomb,

for I shall arise and be eternally glorified as God.

I shall exalt all who magnify you in faith and in love.

From the Paschal Service

I stand by the tomb with chills each Pascha, listening to the choir, and for that major chord, “For I shall arise.” The priest then lifts the “Winding Sheet” (Plachinitsa) and carries it into the altar. It signals that shortly the lights will go out and we will await the kindling of the new light – and the announcement of the Resurrection.

Everything that I hope for and everything that I long for – in my life – in the lives of my congregation – in the world around me – everything depends upon that moment.

Christ is risen! and everything good is possible. In God, every good that is willing to be fulfilled in Christ will be fulfilled. Hell is undone. Everyone of us who is willing to embrace the Living God may leave the futilities of our individual hells and join Him in the Life of His resurrection.

How do you not stand with chills awaiting such a moment?

May God bless all of His children!

Christ is risen!

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  1. Oh! Amen, Amen, Amen!
    I am always so worn out and exhausted and then, that burst of beauty as we sing that wonderful song. I long for it every year. We have sung it I think three times thus far but a little differently at the last three services. I am too exhausted to remember. Thank God we have seen a foretaste of the coming light with the white vestments this morning…
    We are almost there…
    Christ is in our midst!
    the handmaid,

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