Over at the Undercroft

Ben Donald continues an excellent series of articles over at The Undercroft. Good thoughts, good reading.

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  1. When the Cathedral Church of Saint Sophia in Los Angeles was built it’s primary sponsor also built a free standing mausoleum. Upon his death and that of the architect they were both entombed therein. Fifty years or so passed. Not long ago bull dozers entered the church grounds and demolished the mausoleum (occupants had been relocated to the cathedral basement). The site was rebuilt with a 12 crypts flanking the altar “area” of a little chapel complete with city required rest rooms. Thee is no iconostasis or icon screen. Four icons are placed on the sides of the crypts and the priest/altar are fully exposed. It is my belief that the mausoleum/chapel/restroom is clearly not Orthodox. It is protestant?
    Thank you. Chrysostom

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