Happy Birthday Khouria!


My second daughter, Kathryn, has a birthday today and I am nowhere near to give the hugs that should be given. But I pray her many years! And all the joy that can be had!


  1. Isn’t it strange that even when your children grow up you still remember the children they were? Our beach trips were annual joys when the children were young. Happy birthday, my sweet.

  2. Father, bless

    Happy Birthday and Many Years to your daughter! February is a nice time to have kids, my oldest son’s birthday is on Wednesday.

  3. Papa,
    I know that Kathryn appreciates your birthday wishes. I will make sure to give her an extra hug and kiss just for you. We miss you up here in New York as well!

  4. What excellent birthday wishes!

    Do you remember the birthday when you gave me golf clubs, and inspired me to be a pro-golfer and grow up and buy you a sailboat? Sorry I kind of lazed off on the practice…

    Thanks, and I love you!

  5. I should have bought you an airplane with a pilot’s license. I’m stuck in Chicago overnight because of cancelled flight. So I’m home a day late. Glory to God for all things.

    My sweetness, I would have bought you the world if I had the money or it would have done you any good. But the world is too much for us, and what you do have is so much more precious than money can buy. All my love. Enjoy the snow when it gets to you. We had 15 to 20 inches in Minneapolis. Chicago looks just like I rmembered (all covered with snow).

    And I’m stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again.


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