A Request for Your Prayers


I fly Friday morning to Minneapolis where I will be speaking at several Churches, including St. Mary’s Cathedral for the Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers. Minnesota is also expecting one of its worst winter storms of the year. Sounds about right to me… I have been assured that I will be “kept warm, fed, and entertained…”

But if any of you know me you know that flying is not one of my favorite activities and that an anticipated foot of snow is not normal for a Southerner. Most especially pray that God give me grace to say something useful to my brothers and sisters in that part of the world.

I have “pre-set” some articles before the trip, though Saturday is still a little questionable for the blog. Might be a good day to read in the archives… unless you have far better things to do (which is doubtless).

Glory to God for all things!


  1. May God go with you, Father – I will have you in my prayers for safe travel, and that you are given the words you need to speak!

    Having heard you speak, I have no doubt that you will say something “useful”…in fact I am sure that “useful” will turn out to be an understatement!


  2. I have read your blog with interest for some time and I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing you at St. Mary’s on Sunday afternoon!

    The forecasters have been glooming and dooming about this weekend’s weather all week. The truth is, it’s very rarely ever as bad as they say it’s going to be. Seeing that we have had very little snow in the Twin Cities this winter, for this to be the heaviest snowfall of the season would really not take more than a few inches which, in MN, is nothing. I will pray for decent flying weather.

    Safe Travels, Father.

  3. The Twin Cities have, in my opinion, the best local Orthodoxy in the USA. There is a vibrant Orthodox community there, the likes of which one might not fully appreciate until one moves away (well, that’s how it went for me anyway). I hope that you have an opportunity to meet Fr. Jonathan Proctor of Holy Trinity (OCA) in St. Paul. He is a gem.

  4. It seems trite to say this, Father, but you are so much safer in the air than on the ground; especially with snow falling. Minneapolis is a nice city; I go there often because my company is based there. A foot is but a dusting of snow for them.

  5. Like CP above, I too hope to get to St. Mary’s this Sunday…when our parish handed out the MEOCCA Vespers schedule, I did not make the connection that the author of one of my favorite blogs would be the first homilist! Save travels!

  6. I will pray for your safe travel and WARM stay. I was received into the Orthodox Church at St. Mary’s in 1980. Now, I am a happy, warm southern Orthodox. Enjoy that most historic and rich parish.

  7. The snow has begun, sort of light but windy (it’s bedtime on Friday). But the forecast is for much, much snow. But I have the most marvelous hosts. The Morbey’s are one of my favorite priest families in the Church and I look forward to getting to know them better. We had pre-sanctified liturgy tonight (with the wind howling something fierce outside) and I spoke to a “banquet” afterwards. It was a wonderful evening. They have an incredible choir, and the historic Church is just a joy to worship in.

    I’ve been blessed this year to have been in a number of diferent dioceses and see more of the Church than I would normally in the hills of Tennessee. God is good.

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