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I made the trip to SC and back today, spending about half the day with family at hospital. My father’s pelvis seems to be fractured rather than broken, but will require him to be in a rehab situation for some weeks. My mother will move down to be with my older brother (who is truly a Godsend in everyway). Their priest came to see them, their Orthodox sponsors (who are old friends from my earliest years as an Episcopal priest) came by. My parents were chrismated at age 80, one of the greater joys in my life. To know how their faith sustains them in this is a joy to my heart no matter the grief I feel at seeing come to this stage in life. But it is a path most of us will know in one way or another. May it be a path to God.

Thank you for your prayers. Please continue them. I will doubtless be making quite a few jaunts to SC in the weeks to come.

I will do my best to keep something worth reading here for us all.


  1. May God grant them peace and joy in knowing that nothing can separate them from HIS love.

  2. Father Stephen,

    Rest assured that the prayers of all of us at St. John of the Ladder are with Jim and Nancy, and with you and the rest of your family.

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