Who’ll Eat this Ice Cream? Let It Be Me

It’s that time of year again…

Cheesefare Week, when Orthodox Christians start to ease into the Lenten Fast, giving up meat but still eating eggs, milk, cheese, etc. Here’s my son David Mathewes’ tender farewell to all that is dairy and glorious, “Let It Be Me.”

(Yes, you ought to sing this at coffee hour on Forgiveness Sunday. It’s OK, they have to forgive you.)

Now that our time is waning
Only one day remaining
Who’ll eat this ice cream?
Let it be me.

Spiritual sacrifices
Leftover pizza slices
Must be disposed of
Let it be me.

Forgiveness Sunday
Tomorrow’s Clean Monday
We’ve only got one day
for coffee with cream

And glasses of melted butter
And what else comes from an udder
Three tubs of yogurt
And two sour cream

Oh what a sin to waste it
Is this milk still good? Please taste it
Did you bring the cheesecake?
Save some for me.
Who’ll eat this ice cream?
Let it be me.

About Frederica Mathewes-Green

Frederica Mathewes-Green is a wide-ranging author who has published 10 books and 800 essays, in such diverse publications as the Washington Post, Christianity Today, Smithsonian, and the Wall Street Journal. She has been a regular commentator for National Public Radio (NPR), a columnist for the Religion News Service, Beliefnet.com, and Christianity Today, and a podcaster for Ancient Faith Radio. (She was also a consultant for Veggie Tales.) She has published 10 books, and has appeared as a speaker over 600 times, at places like Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Wellesley, Cornell, Calvin, Baylor, and Westmont, and received a Doctor of Letters (honorary) from King University. She has been interviewed over 700 times, on venues like PrimeTime Live, the 700 Club, NPR, PBS, Time, Newsweek, and the New York Times. She lives with her husband, the Rev. Gregory Mathewes-Green, in Johnson City, TN. Their three children are grown and married, and they have fourteen grandchildren.

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  1. I was Chrismated Holy Saturday morning (just this past) after attending St. Philothea Greek Orthodox Church faithfully for 3.5 years. Love your Icon book… one of the best reads in any genre! Your Let It Be Me… Everly Bros… ranks up there with My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Thank you, Frederica.

    FMG: 🙂 Thanks! and welcome home!

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