Complete Vita

Academic and Personal

I was born October 27, 1952 and grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. My husband, Father Gregory (Gary) Mathewes-Green, is a priest of the Orthodox Church and was the founding pastor (now retired) of Holy Cross Orthodox Church near Baltimore, MD. We now live in Johnson City, TN. Our three children, Megan, David, and Stephen, are married and we have fifteen grandchildren.

B. A. University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC), 1974
M. A. Virginia Episcopal Theological Seminary (Alexandria, VA), 1977
A.C.C.E. ASPO/Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, 1979 (Devised own method of childbirth pain relief; prepared over 400 women for childbirth)
D. Litt. (h.c.), King University, 2019

Repository of papers: Addlestone Library Special Collections, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC


Doctor of Letters, King University, 2019
Best American Spiritual Writing, 2007, Houghton Mifflin
Best Christian Writing 2006, Jossey-Bass
Best Regular Column: Culture, the Arts, and Leisure, Catholic Press Association, 2004
Best Christian Writing 2004, Jossey-Bass
Best Christian Writing 2002, HarperSanFrancisco
Books for a Better Life awards, finalist, 2000
Best Christian Writing 2000, HarperSanFrancisco
Best Spiritual Writing 1998, HarperSanFrancisco
Christian Women Role Models (1998), Ecumenical Coalition on Women and Society

Positions Held (past and current)

Board of Editors, Premin, Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration, Bombala, NSW, Australia
National Review Online, movie and consumer reviews
“Frederica Here & Now” podcast on Ancient Faith Radio
Christianity Today, Contributing Editor
FOCUS, Fellowship of Orthodox Christians United to Serve
Kyria online magazine for women leaders
Books and Culture, Contributing Editor
Kairos Journal, Advisory Board
Touchstone, Contributing Editor
Salvo, Editorial Board
The Review of Faith & International Affairs, Contributing Editor
The Handmaiden Journal, Editorial Board
Divine Ascent, Editorial Board
Institute on Religion and Democracy
Council on Faith and International Affairs
Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
Torrey Honors Institute of Biola University
Hill Country Institute for Contemporary Christianity
The Vine
Orthodox Peace Fellowship
Ecumenical Coalition on Women and Society
Americans United for Life
Center for Faith and Culture
Susan B. Anthony List
Brotherhood of Fr. John Klimakos
Tapestry Ecumenical Women’s Ministry
National Public Radio, occasional commentator (“Morning Edition”)
Hallmark TV Network, occasional commentator (“America at Worship”)
National Public Radio, regular commentator, 1996-1999 (“All Things Considered”)
“Come Receive the Light” syndicated radio program, commentator
Judge, Evangelical Press Awards
Judge, American Church Press Awards
The Christian Millennial History Project, contributing author
Los Angeles Times, book reviews
Christianity Today, bimonthly columnist
“Veggie Tales” / Big Idea Inc., consultant
Christian Reader / Today’s Christian, “Everyday Theology” bimonthly columnist
Odyssey [now Hallmark] Television Network, monthly commentator (“News Odyssey”)
Religion News Service, biweekly columnist
Our Sunday Visitor, movie reviews
World magazine, national correspondent, biweekly columnist
re:generation quarterly, Editorial Board
Common Ground Network for Life and Choice, board
Eutopia: A Journal of Orthodox Catholic Dissent, Editorial Board
Feminists for Life of America, Vice President for Communications
Sisterlife Quarterly (journal of FFLA), Editor 1989-1994
BreakPoint with Chuck Colson, writer-researcher
Americans United for Life, Public Affairs Associate for Education
Vote kNOw Coalition (MD referendum 1992), Communications Director


Welcome to the Orthodox Church: An Introduction to Eastern Christianity (Paraclete Press, 2015)

The Jesus Prayer: The Ancient Desert Prayer that Tunes the Heart to God (Paraclete Press, 2009; in England: Darton, Longman & Todd, 2010)

Mary as the Early Christians Knew Her: The Mother of Jesus in Three Ancient Texts (Paraclete Press, 2007) [Original title: The Lost Gospel of Mary: The Mother of Jesus in Three Ancient Texts]

First Fruits of Prayer: A Forty-Day Journey through the Canon of St. Andrew (Paraclete Press, 2005)

The Open Door: Entering the Sanctuary of Icons and Prayer (Paraclete Press, 2003)

Gender: Men, Women, Sex, Feminism (Ancient Faith Publishing, 2002)

The Illumined Heart: The Ancient Christian Path of Transformation (Paraclete Press, 2001). Audio book—Audible

A Companion Guide to ‘The Illumined Heart’ with Robert Gibson (Paraclete Press, 2006)

At the Corner of East and Now: A Modern Life in Ancient Christian Orthodoxy (Ancient Faith Publishing, 2009; Tarcher/Penguin Putnam, 1999; in England, Lion Publishing, 2000). Audio book—Audible

Facing East: A Pilgrim’s Journey into the Mysteries of Orthodoxy (HarperSanFrancisco, hardback 1997, paperback 2006). Audio book—Audible

Real Choices: Listening to Women, Looking for Alternatives to Abortion (Felicity Press, 2014; Conciliar Press, 1997; Multnomah Press, 1994)

Book Forewords

The Breastplate of St. Patrick, booklet edited by Monk Seraphim Aldea (Orthodox Monastery of All Celtic Saints, 2015; Mull Island, Scotland)

Icons: The Essential Collection by Sr. Faith Riccio (Paraclete Press, 2016)

Fr George Calciu: Interviews, Homilies, and Talks (St. Herman of Alaska Press, 2011)

The Love Chapter by St. John Chrysostom (Paraclete Press, 2009)

Bible Characters in Genesis by Dr. Rodolph Yanney (St. Mark’s Orthodox Fellowship, 2009)

The Sign of the Cross by Andreas Andreopoulos (Paraclete Press, 2006)

A Tiny Step Away from Deepest Faith by Marjorie Corbman (Paraclete Press, 2005)

Growing in Christ by Mother Raphaela (St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2003)

Praying the Jesus Prayer Together by Bro. Ramon & Simon Barrington-Ward (Hendrickson Books, 2003)

How the Holy Fire Came to America by Dee Kelley and Simeon Kwan (CreatorSpace, 2017)

Contributions to Anthologies

“Why They Hate Us” (longer) appeared in Conference collection, 2019

“Why They Hate Us” appeared in Synaxis, Eighth Day Symposium 2019

“Being Pro-Life is Pro-Woman” appeared in Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty ed. David Dockery (Fidelis Books, 2019)

“The Example of St. John” appeared in Let Them Hear: Voices of Odox Women, ed. Carrie Frederick Frost (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, 2018)

“The High and Holy Calling of Being a Wife” and “The War Between the Sexes” appeared in The Glory of Marriage,, ed. David & Mary Ford (St. Tikhon’s Press, 2015)

“I Thess 5:17” appeared in The Way Bible (Tyndale House, 2012)

“Photini,” “The Weeping Woman,” “Whatever Happened to Repentance,” and other writings appeared in Everyday Matters Bible for Women (Hendrickson Publishers, 2012)

“On Improving as a Listener” appeared in Developing Ears to Hear, ed. by Aaron Perry (Emeth Press, 2011)

Orthodox Classics selected and described for 25 Books Every Christian Should Read, ed. by Richard Foster (HarperOne, 2011)

“Anna Karenina” appeared in A Great Books Reader, ed. by John Mark Reynolds (Bethany House, 20110

“I Changed My Mind” appeared in Changed Minds, ed. by Bruce Nuffer, (House Studio, 2009)

“Bodies of Evidence” appeared in Writing That Makes Sense, ed. by David Hogsette (Resource Publications, 2009)

“Grandaddy’s Obstetrics” appeared in Labor Pains and Birth Stories, ed. by Jessica Powers (Catalyst Book Press, 2008)

“The Voice Beneath the Altar” appeared in A Faith and Culture Devotional, ed. by Lael Arrington (Zondervan, 2008)

“Transfiguration” appeared in The Good, the True, and the Beautiful, ed. Hal & Rebecca Poe (Chalice Press, St. Louis, 2008)

Orthodox Chart Entry appeared in Holman Study Bible, 2007

“A Widow Remarries” appeared in Women Ask, Women Answer (Thomas Nelson, 2007)

Rod Dreher profile appeared in Fifty Christian Revolutionaries Under Forty, ed. Heather Zydek (Relevant Press, 2006)

“Rising Victorious” appeared in Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross, ed. Mark Baker (Baker Book House, 2006)

“The Old Testament Trinity” appeared in God the Holy Trinity, ed. Timothy George (Baker Academic, 2006)

“Unplanned Parenthood” appeared in Having Her Say (Human Life Review, 2006)

“The Meaning of Christ’s Suffering” appeared in Best Christian Writing 2006 (Jossey Bass, 2007)

“Both Door and Path: On Repentance” appeared in Best Christian Writing 2004 (Jossey Bass, 2005)

“Praying With Icons” appeared in The Sacred Way, by Tony Jones (Zondervan 2004)

“Under the Heaventree” appeared in The Church in Emerging Culture: Five Views, ed. Leonard Sweet (Zondervan Press, 2003)

“Twice Liberated” appeared in Stories of Emergence, ed. Mike Yaconelli (Zondervan Press, 2003)

“Abortion in the Tides of Culture” appeared in Thirty Years After Roe v. Wade, ed. William Saunders (Family Research Council, 2003)

“Merry Easter?” appeared in Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter (Plough Press, 2002)

“Three Bad Ideas for Women” appeared in Best Christian Writing 2002 (HarperSanFrancisco, 2003)

“Angels” appeared in The Big Book of Angels, Beliefnet (Rodale, 2002)

“Smashed Pocketbook” appeared in Handbags, by Barbara Street Hagerty (Running Press, 2002)

“Repent” appeared in From the Ashes, Beliefnet (Rodale Press, 2001)

“How Can God Permit Suffering?” appeared in Where was God on September 11?, ed. Donald Kraybill and Linda Peachey (Herald Press, 2001)

“The Revolution and the Revelation” appeared in College Faith, ed. Niels-Erik Andreasen (Andrews Univ Press, 2001)

“Twice Liberated” appeared in More Spirited than Lions, ed. Sarah Cowie (Regina Press, 2001)

“God as Suffering Parent” appeared in Best Christian Writing 2000 (HarperSanFrancisco, 2001)

“We Can Find Common Ground on Abortion” appeared in At Issue (Greenhaven Press, 2000)

“And Now for Some Good News” appeared in Sex: Opposing Viewpoints (Greenhaven Press, 2000)

“Embarrassment’s Perpetual Blush” appeared in Best Spiritual Writing 1998 (HarperSanFrancisco, 1999)

“Why I’m Feminist and ProLife” and “Why Women Choose Abortion” appeared in Abortion and Reproductive Rights: A Comprehensive Guide to Medicine, Ethics, and the Law, ed. J. Douglas Butler (CD-ROM, 1997)

“Common Ground” appeared in The New Religious Humanists, ed. Gregory Wolfe (Free Press, 1997)

Annual Editions: Sociology 97-98 (Dushkin Press, 1997)

“In the Passenger Seat” appeared in Our Hearts’ True Home, ed. Virginia Nieuwsma (Conciliar Press, 1996)

“Abortion and Women’s Rights” appeared in The 1995 Information Please Women’s Sourcebook (Houghton Mifflin, 1995)

“The Bitter Price of Choice,” “Designated Unperson,” and “The Abortion/Euthanasia Connection” appeared in Prolife Feminism Yesterday and Today (Sulzburger & Graham Publishing, 1995)

Feminism & Nonviolence Studies Assn, 2005

“A Labor of Love: Pregnancy Care Centers” appeared in Loving Your Neighbor: A Principled Guide to Personal Charity, ed. Marvin Olasky (Capital Research Center, 1994) and The Silent Subject, ed. Brad Stetson (Praeger Publishers, 1996)

“Becoming a Pro-Woman, Pro-Life Persuader” appeared in Life and Learning IV, ed. Fr. Joseph Koterski (Univ Faculty for Life, 1994)

“Why I’m Feminist and Pro-Life” appeared in Feminism: Opposing Viewpoints (Greenhaven Press, 1994)

“The Bitter Price of Choice” appeared in Human Sexuality: Opposing Viewpoints (Greenhaven Press, 1990)

Book-chapter interviews

Miracles by Eric Metaxas (Dutton, 2014)
Tithing by Doug LeBlanc (Thomas Nelson, 2010)
The Life of Meaning by Bob Abernethy (Seven Stories Press, 2007)
Crunchy Cons by Rod Dreher (Crown Forum, 2006)
Exodus: Why Americans are Fleeing Liberal Churches for Conservative Christianity by Dave Shiflett (Sentinel, 2005)
Orthodox and Wesleyan Scriptural Understanding and Practice ed. S. T. Kimbrough (St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2005)
The Breastplate of St. Patrick, booklet edited by Monk Seraphim Aldea (Orthodox Monastery of All Celtic Saints, 2015; Mull Island, Scotland)
Icons: The Essential Collection by Sr. Faith Riccio (Paraclete Press, 2016)