I am Father Bill Olnhausen, Pastor Emeritus (that means “retired”, as if clergy ever really retire) of Saint Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. That’s a sufficient biography for now. You’ll learn more than enough about me if you keep reading, since the chief theme of this blog will be personal: My Travels – Mostly to Greece and Saint Nektarios. I especially want you to get to know and love this marvelous saint, with whom I have had some strange and interesting experiences, all in Greece.

I visited Greece twelve times, and that’s a lot for you to handle at once, so these “Orthodox travelogs” will be interrupted frequently by various other things – stories of saints, teaching about seasons and the Church and society, a series on the seven deadly sins and more. Saint Nicholas will appear from time to time, for he has been busy in my life and that of his church in Cedarburg. If I live long enough, and you don’t get bored, and Jesus doesn’t return in glory, this could go on for a while.

I will try to remember to define terms which may be strange to non-Orthodox readers. If I miss any, just Google them. If I mistakenly write anything un-Orthodox, inaccurate, uncharitable or just stupid, please correct me.

I will try to post once a week, usually but not always on Friday. Since this will be a continuing narrative, posts will be numbered so you can find your way around more easily.

If any of you are perplexed by all my talk about saints: For Orthodox Christians, saints (God’s “holy ones”) don’t distract us from God. They lead us to God. We see, no, we experience the Church as a family encompassing heaven and earth. Saints are just part of the family, and we’re not surprised if a few of them come to visit us now and then. As for my experiences with Saint Nektarios and Saint Nicholas, all I can say is, “I didn’t choose them. They chose me.” Keep reading. You’ll see.