Fr. Barnabas is blessed with several invitations through the year to come and speak at different functions and for different groups. His retreats are not to be missed events, drawing local clergy, laity and even non-Orthodox to the event.

His focus is, as our website suggests, to encourage the Christian soul in the journey towards holiness, illumination and glorification in Christ. As a down-to-earth southerner, he speaks the language of the people with humor and wit, but also with the full spectrum of Biblical, Patristic and scholarly wisdom.

His schedule demonstrates the demand for the simple, godly message he brings in memorable and absolutely enjoyable expressions.

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If you would like to schedule Fr. Barnabas to speak at your event, retreat, or parish, please go to www.OrthodoxSpeakers.com and make your request or fill out the form below:


Recent Events

Here is a sample of Fr. Barnabas speaking at St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church in Irvine, CA

And here is Part one of a presentation at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church in Los Angeles