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  • The Cross as Cure For Spiritual IllnessSeptember 12, 2022

    The wonderful reality is that the parallel between physical health and spiritual health is very significant. If exercise is good to make you physically healthy then spiritual exercise is absolutely necessary for your spiritual health. If what you eat affects your physical health then what you spiritually consume affects your spiritual health. It turns out the wonderful reality of spiritual health is all about being willing to hear the Good News that God grants His world He loves eternal life. And this eternal life is accomplished by Jesus using death to destroy death!

  • Enslaved to Perpetual ImmaturitySeptember 6, 2022

    Good Intentions aren't the issue. It's the unintended consequences of those good intentions that we have to honestly face and deal with the balance between safety and maturity. It is the Faith that provides the disciplined discernment that gives us the ability to both be merciful and wise. It takes courage in an age of madness to stand and stay firm in insisting we face reality and not perpetuate the fantasy of perpetual immaturity.

  • A Firm FoundationAugust 16, 2022

    Ideas have consequences. If the underlying philosophy of a society is flawed, the effects are real and, if the flaws are bad enough, they spell destruction for that society. When the structure is unsound, the people are unsafe. And the whole purpose of the Faith is to be the spiritual building blocks meant to "construct" the character of Christ in you and the world. The ONLY place to get the most robust spiritual "construction" materials is Jesus Christ.

  • The Modern False Notion of Love and PowerAugust 10, 2022

    "God is love" AND "Whom God loves He chastens" These two truths insist we engage in grasping the reality that our understanding of both love and power is too small to be effective. When we make these mistakes, we end up in an unhealthy place. Time for us to deal with this so that the Cross isn't emptied of its power!

  • Made To Be Like ChristAugust 2, 2022

    The Christian Faith is meant to transform you into a "new creature." You are made to become like Christ. In fact, the purpose of the Orthodox Faith is to have you enter a lifestyle that remakes you from the inside out. And it will be as we bend our will to the "steadfastness of the Scriptures" and the encouragement of the Faith that we will focus on that which must be transformed in our lives.

  • E Pluribus UnumJuly 11, 2022

    We are meant to be made so much like God, our Creator, that we are free to embrace anyone and everyone into this wonderful Church that is meant to transform each of us! The Church is meant to welcome everyone into this beautiful spiritual hospital to heal and teach us to tame our passions! Orthodoxy belongs to everyone or eventually, it will belong to no one. But the Faith is meant to CHANGE you from an individual into a real PERSON. P.S. I apologize for the length of this homily. Sorry, and thank you for sticking with it.

  • What Freedom Really IsJuly 6, 2022

    On this Sunday closest to the American celebration of Independence Day, we are invited by our Epistle lesson to understand that Suffering produces Endurance. And Endurance creates Character. And Character leads to Hope. And Hope does not disappoint!

  • ImmediatelyJune 26, 2022

    On this 2nd Sunday of Matthew, we see our Lord Jesus choosing His first disciples, Andrew and Peter, and James and John. Two sets of brothers that the Lord calls to follow Him. And the Gospel says they responded to the Lord “immediately.” What kind of soul formation does a person have to develop to respond so quickly to God’s invitation? We learn 4 characteristics of a soul ready to say “yes” to God!

  • Loving Rightly - A Cosmic InvitationJune 20, 2022

    On this Sunday of All Saints in our Orthodox calendar, we are confronted by the stark beauty of the "friends of God" and how they loved God first in their lives. All other priorities are AFTER my love for God. Jesus, Himself, says a disturbing truth when He declares that I must love Him more than my mother, and if I don't love Him more than my mother I cannot be His disciple. How can we ever hope to actually do this? It all flows from loving properly!

  • A Dangerous Homily About GodJune 13, 2022

    On this Feast of Pentecost, we face a culture that has increased the power of shallowness and decreased the value of depth and maturity to the point where there is no sobriety, but only division and individual focus. This is absolutely opposed to how God created us. Because He created us in His Image and He knows Himself as Persons in Communion. And this is the only way you will know yourself. Communion with God and with each other makes me a true person, and not an individual.

  • Hard Times Reveal Us To OurselvesJune 6, 2022

    On this Sunday of the Commemoration of the Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council, we are confronted by St. Paul telling the leaders of the Ephesian Church that when he departs, "ravenous wolves" will come among them attempting to undo the spiritual work already accomplished. The Faith is meant to inform, transform, and actually form your thinking, choices, priorities, and lifestyle. There are solid reasons for the Faith to teach what She teaches. You should at least be curious as to those solid reasons. If you don't know these reasons, you are not formed well enough to criticize the Church for what She teaches. Oh yeah, and I know Arius was just a priest, not a bishop. Forgive the mistake.

  • The Blindness of BlameMay 31, 2022

    On this Sunday of the Blind Man, it's time to confront our mistake in assigning blame. The tragedies of our society strike us in such a way that we are tempted to knee jerk blame this or that person, or group, or ideology. We insist we want justice or we want to make things better and yet we start that process by saying it's "their" fault. Blaming others won't solve the problems we face. We have to start with humility. We have to begin, not with blame, but with humility and repentance.

  • Curiosity And Then Some!May 24, 2022

    On this Sunday of the Samaritan Woman, we learn just what it takes to be rescued from a life stuck in the slavery of passions. And these three characteristics we learn today will not only set this woman free but a whole village. What is so amazing is the lack of curiosity that seems to exalt my own opinions above centuries of wisdom. And that is too shallow to make you a really wise person.

  • Moms Knew First!May 9, 2022

    On this Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing Women, we confront the truth of the beauty and infinite value of women. We are confronted with the truth that it was women who first heard the news of the Resurrection. They were the ones who didn't abandon the Lord in His time of suffering. The gift of the mystery of the feminine and the health of this mystery is absolutely necessary for a healthy society.

  • The Resurrection Changes Everything!May 2, 2022

    On this St. Thomas Sunday, knowing and prioritizing being with Jesus is the key to being able to overcome the fear of death. And living above the fear of death is absolutely necessary to overcome the slavery of self-centered living! If you are ever going to live the life you were created to live, you have to overcome the fear of death!

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