“Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.” Alfred A. Montapert And, that, my dearest, is the reality that maturity presents us all. This reminds me of King David and his complaint in Psalm 72 (73) about the wicked and their seemingly happy lives without any negative consequences of their evil actions. David was furious that he, practicing righteousness, was being hunted and persecuted, while evil men prospered.…

Salted With Fire!

“Salt makes people thirsty. People are thirsting for more of His word. Sisters and brothers pour salt on each other. You are the salt, the salt of the earth.” These lyrics from an old song from my Christian youth group days really tells the story of a central purpose of the faith in our everyday lives. We really are to be “salt” and “light” to our world. Since the most ancient of…

An Unbelievable Invitation

Today we hear of the righteous who pleased God from Adam to the precious Theotokos and righteous Joseph. Our God could have saved us without any of us, but His eternal love extends His mighty hand to each of us with the invitation to come and join Him in the salvation of all creation. And in this invitation our God reveals the path to our own salvation: the redemption and strengthening of…

Our Saturday Guest Blog – Fr. Stephen Freeman

Of Course We Are Called to be Moral – A Response to My Critics Fr. Stephen Freeman Well, the firestorm has moved even to my host, Ancient Faith Blogs. There, you can find aresponse and a critique of my last article, The Unmoral Christian. I find nothing in the response with which I disagree. The author argues that externals are often important, certainly for beginners, and suggests that I have overplayed my…

Who Is The Greatest?

There is a line in Shakespeare’s Hamlet that I have always loved. It comes in Act 1, scene 5: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” It’s such a wonderful encounter in the play, and it serves as such a wonderful illustration of the necessary humility that we all must embrace when it comes to our own intellect and our so-called “rational” mind.…

Good Intentions Make Lousy Pavement!

Yeah, THAT old saying! A quote from Virgil’s Aeneid says “the descent to hell is easy.” And no one ever expects their good intentions to turn out bad. That’s the “law of unintended consequences.” It seems we humans are better at coming up with witty quotes better than we are at avoiding the mistakes of  our “good intentions” gone bad. But why is that? Nobody ever thinks their intentions are actually harmful.…


Red Kettle

At this time of year, there is a familiar sound in front of the stores I visit. It is the distinct sound of bell-ringing and the seasonal sight of a red kettle. Frankly, it is a comfort to me. And I have taught my children that we have a family rule: We never pass the red kettle without putting something in. Never. I can still hear my grandmother telling me stories of how the folks with the Red Kettles saved her and her family during times of great poverty, and she instilled in us an ethic of generosity that also was coupled with a complete “forgetfulness” of having been generous, because we acted as if every time we dropped something in the Kettle was the first time! Frankly, that’s the only way to be truly generous. Scorekeeping makes giving “something” other than generosity.

I’m Ready For My Close-Up!

Im ready for my close up

“What’s my motivation?” It’s the question every actor has to ask when they are trying to get into character. What motivates this person to do what he does? Why is this person reacting this way to this situation? And the reason this is so important to an actor is because if you can understand someone’s motivation, you can empathize with them! And an actor has to be able to empathize with the character he or she is playing if the work is to be believable!

Jesus Is Coming Again!

Today, the Lord sets a banquet table heavy with the “food” that truly nourishes our deepest hunger. This Food is His own Body and Blood given for us and to us through His coming first as a small and helpless Child. But also in the promise of His Second Coming in glory to judge the living and the dead! You will never be ready for His Second Coming without embracing with full…

The Doors, The Doors!


OK, here’s the scene, Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones, finally passes all the tests to get into the chamber where the ancient knight stands guard over the True Chalice used at the Last Supper by Christ.

The old knight, having taken a vow with his three brothers, to guard the Chalice forever, tells Indiana “Choose wisely.” And, well, you know what happens next.