The Strong Man Has Come!

Carrying the World

It never ceases to amaze me when I succumb to fears that flow from a forgetful faith. It seems a week doesn’t pass (or sometimes even a day) when I am either mindlessly faithless or I have reduced my faith to mere “decoration.”

Good Fathers Give Bread


One of the greatest revelations I had in my journey to Orthodox Christianity was the powerful theological truth preserved in the timeless Christian tradition of calling our clergy “father.”

You may object by telling me that Jesus commanded “Call no man ‘father'” in Matthew 23:9. And on the surface that might seem to be the end of the discussion but you may want to sit down here!

When It’s Easier to Say “Yes”


You’ve met those folks, they just “go along to get along” as my mawmaw would say. They take on the opinions of those around them and whatever the crowd does, they do. I guess that’s fine if you’re in a good crowd, but if not, well…

The Faith Privilege


I’m not quite sure what to make of all this talk about “privilege” nowadays. If they mean that some folks were born with advantages, well it seems that’s always been the case. If they mean that those born with advantages are responsible for realizing that truth, then that’s OK too. What concerns me most is the easy way all this jargon always descends into excuses not to think.

Fr. Lawrence Farley on Faith Encouraged LIVE this SUNDAY!

Fr. Lawrence Farley joins Fr. Barnabas as special guest on this Sunday’s Faith Encoraged LIVE program on We will be discussing demons, spiritual warfare, and Halloween. Listen and call in with your questions as we deal with the unseen world from an Orthodox perspective. That’s this Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern on Faith Encouraged LIVE! Pass this on to your friends!

In Your Right Mind

Today we see the extreme effects of allowing darkness to influence a man’s thinking that reduces him to a mere beast! What are the influences on your thinking creating in you? Are you in your right mind? P.S. Tonight join me and my special guest, Fr. Lawrence Farley as we talk about demons, spiritual warfare, and Halloween. That’s tonight at 8 PM Eastern on Faith Encouraged LIVE on Ancient Faith Radio!

People Need the Lord

Several years ago there was a song that was popular on Christian radio stations that still strikes me as a powerful reminder of a central truth: People Need the Lord.

“Every day they pass me by, I can see it in their eyes. Empty peole filled with care. Headed who knows where. On they go through private pain. Living fear to fear. Laughter hides their silent cries, only Jesus hears.

Is Not This The Carpenter’s Son?

Three Wise Businessmen

Frankly, it was uncomfortable. This was the first time I was back at the church I was raised in since I had become Orthodox. And what made it more disconcerting was they had asked me to speak at a Sunday night service. Let me set the stage for you. This was the Pentecostal church where I was raised since I was a boy of 6 or 7 years of age. This was the church where I would sing onstage as a little boy with the assistant pastor and his guitar. This was the place where I was baptized and “got the Holy Ghost ( a term I don’t expect non-Pentecostals to understand and please know that is completely OK!). This was the church where I recei.ced my “call to preach (see above), and the church that sent me to my first church assignment as an “ordained” preacher. It is also the place where I was youth director AND youth choir director.