If Only I Could…(You Can!)

“Who touched Me?” What? Lord, the whole crowd is pressing in to touch You, and you ask “Who touched Me?” Lord, it doesn’t make sense. Everybody is touching You. I imagine that is what most of the disciples were either thinking or saying when the Lord asked this question in a large crowd one day. In reality someone had touched Him, but she had touched Him in desperation, in faith. After all,…

Not By Might, Nor By Power, But By My Spirit

  It's the Nike slogan: Just Do It! It's the "American" motto: Can Do! It's the modern world's obsession: Make it happen. We are a people who have been shaped in our contemporary age with an expectation of getting things done, accomplishing goals, and doing whatever it takes to achieve our aims and dreams. We are an extremely "productive" race!

A Good and Faithful Steward

Just in case you missed it, here's the link to Faith Encouraged LIVE. I really enjoyed speaking to my dear friend, Bill Mariannes, last night about the timeless Orthodox Christian understanding of Christian Stewardship that creates the virtues in our hearts. This is exactly what Christ meant when He called us to "lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven." Just click here to listen! http://www.ancientfaith.com/podcasts/faithencouraged/a_good_and_faithful_steward

A Confused Man

Today we read the parable of the man who confused possessions for riches and safety. His confusion caused God Himself to call him a fool. The only true riches and safety is found in remembering our mortality and preparing for it. Are you rich?

Prepared and Ready

Today we celebrate the Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple as a small child. This great feast of the Church isn't known to us from Holy Scripture, but from Holy Tradition and it reveals to us the reason why Mary was able, in her teenage years, to say "Yes" to the Archangel Gabriel when he came to her to tell her she was going to be the mother of the Messiah.

Little Bo Peep

The myth of Narcissus is legendary. Narcissus was a man who was exceptionally handsome and knew it. And his actions reflected his utter disdain for those who loved him. He walked through life proud of his appearance and dismissive of those who admired him. Nemesis watched Narcissus and how he treated those around him and lured Narcissus to a pool where Narcissus could see his reflection. Narcissus fell in love with his own image and couldn't tear himself away from the reflection in the water. He eventually drowned loving himself.

Stay Salty My Friends

No matter how hard we try to pretend, we live in the real world. Philosophies and worldviews may try to shield us from this cold, hard truth. But, try as they might, they only succeed in stealing real life and real time from us. Why is this truth so hard for us to accept? Well, I'm convinced that my biggest problem with this reality is simply that I prefer my fantasy world to the "real" world. And that's because in my fantasy world I am always happy. I am always in control, I am always the center of attention, or I am always correct in my opinions. In my fantasy world, I am god. And that, dearest is the problem, because (and you ought to say a prayer of thanksgiving here) I am not god. The truth is in my real life I am not always right, I am not always in control, and I am not always the most interesting man in the world. But I happen to know Who is!

WHY Matters!

He's just the latest to articulate well a timeless principle enshrined in the wisdom of the ages. Simon Sinek's helpful book "Start With Why" is a bestseller precisely because of this reality. I found it so compelling I bought a copy of the book for each member of my parish council!

An Authentic Encounter and 3 Metanias

Today Matthew encounters Jesus Christ and this moments changes the way he thinks about what he does, who he is, and how he loves. But every Authenic encounter with Jesus Christ does the sad me in each of us! At least it's suppose to.