8 Years Old! Happy Anniversary

We celebrate the anniversary of our Daily Devotional in earnest on January 5. After 8 years of this devotional being a widespread outreach of our ministry, we are thrilled to announce that our little work to share the holy scriptures with you daily has crossed the 1 million views mark! Over 1 million views mean our efforts are touching people all over the world and reaching people with the sober and healthy Orthodox understanding and we will never truly know how this has touched others this side of heaven.

Your support for this work has made this milestone possible and I want to thank you.

May God continue to add His blessings to our work.

And don’t forget, our hope is to launch the Normal Orthodoxy video podcast sometime during Great Lent this year. This program will see Fr. Barnabas and several guests talking about how our daily lives are formed and shaped by the “Normal” practice of the Orthodox Christian Way of Life! This will mean we will need to actively RESET what we think of as “Normal” and step up our devotion and purposeful living based on the timeless wisdom of our Orthodox Faith!

Keep an eye on this site or make sure you visit www.faithencouraged.org every day for news and daily encouragement!

And share the devotionals with others. If they help you, chances are they will help others!

Fr. Barnabas

P.S. Don’t forget, Faith Encouraged is a ministry supported by YOU and your faithful financial support! Thank you.

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