Fr. Barnabas, WHERE ARE YOU?

Greetings and Happy New Year.

First off, let me say how grateful I am that so many have wondered where the audio devotional has gone. Even though we tried to telegraph this change starting back in September of this past year, it isn’t surprising that some folks didn’t know what was coming. Sorry.

Starting in January of this year we have dropped the daily audio portion of the daily devotional. The challenges of my schedule and some health concerns necessitated some hard choices, and the schedule of recording was one of the places where I could cut back.

BUT, the written daily devotional is still around, and you can still get it on the Ancient Faith Blogs by clicking Faith Encouraged Blog. PLUS, if you can have the daily devotional emailed to you every morning by signing up at

Just Sign Up and you will get our daily devotional emailed to you every morning by 6 AM Eastern time.

And stay tuned to news about some upcoming LIVE shows on Ancient Faith Radio! I can’t wait to talk to you again!

Fr. Barnabas


  1. I certainly understand about having to cut back on duties, but I will very much miss you talking me into the day! I’ll miss your cheerful voice both reading and expounding on scripture, and reminding me to be “Orthodox on purpose.” Listening to your daily podcast was a regular past of arming myself for the day ahead. So often your message resonated with a struggle I was having. I will continue to read your blog but as one who lives alone (was widowed young) I’ve come to enjoy brief podcasts as a companion at the breakfast table before I Ieave for work. I pray that you are able to continue with the rest of your ministry. God bless you, Fr. Barnabas.

  2. Father Bless.
    I have been carrying your daily podcast every morning at 6:35 for the past year on my local FM radio program. Many Protestants have found a new interest in the Ancient Faith thanks to you!

    May God grant you strength and many years.


  3. Will greatly miss our morning journey together. My son-in-law is Orthodox, plus my Daughter also became Orthodox.
    I am studying the Orthodox Church through your podcast, Faith Encouraged .
    Will miss that!
    Nancy Bounds

  4. Dear Father Barnabas,
    I, too, will miss hearing your cheerful voice and GREAT stories at the beginning of each podcast, not to mention your contagious chuckle! I am grateful, however, that your teaching is available on the blog and via email, so those of us who like to start the day with the Scriptures, will still be able to tap into your wisdom about them.

    Thank you for all you do for the Church, and may God grant you good health, strength, and energy in the new year – and always.

    God bless you,

  5. Fr. Barnabas;
    I Thank you for sharing your wisdom and guidance. Very practical. You are preaching what i need to hear. You give me much to think and pray about. I am a Roman Catholic full time liturgical musician.. been doing this for 48 years.. I appreciate your homilies and attention to the liturgy. We began facebooking our liturgies, pared down for this year.. Very hard to do! Just wanted you to know that your orthodox fidelity is appreciated. We all are united in Christ.
    God bless you and your work.

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