Another New Year! Thank God

Help Us Jump into 2020 strong!

Most of us will never travel the world to share the message of Jesus Christ to others in foreign lands. In fact, statistics tell us that most Americans will only travel to 8 states in their lifetime, and some Americans will live and die in the state where they were born. And yet…

Look at this note we received recently from someone in China: “Thank you,Father, I want to attend your church and be baptized in the name of Christ the God, but I am in China, no matter what I face, Christ is risen, Christos Anesti, Glory to thee our God, amen”

When you financially support the creation and distribution of Orthodox Christian Media, you participate in the sharing of this beautiful Orthodox Faith in places most of us will never go!

On this last day of 2019, do something to help spread the Word! A gift of $5 is a great way to participate in this media outreach and help us start 2020 strong. Your gift at the end of the year to Faith Encouraged Ministries means so much. Just listen to this “new” friend of Faith Encouraged: “Just started listening to Fr. Barnabas regularly and am converting to orthodoxy. He’s very warm and welcoming. And a great source for learning about the church from.”

But Faith Encouraged Ministries isn’t the only media ministry doing this work. Below is a list of ministries besides Faith Encouraged that need your investment on this last day of 2019. We are all in this together, so let’s do something to “Spread the Word!”

Click Here to give to Faith Encouraged Ministries

Click Here to give to Ancient Faith Ministries

Click Here to give to International Orthodox Christian Charities

Click Here to give to Orthodox Christian Prison Ministries

Click Here to give to Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Click Here to give to Connect Conference (A growing Orthodox Young Adult Ministry, and one of my favorites!)

There are so many more worthy ministries to support, so don’t think the above list is exhaustive by any means! Just make sure you are standing together and helping the Faith grow wherever you give!

AND don’t forget your local parish at the end of the year. In fact, give to your parish BEFORE you donate to Faith Encouraged Ministries! When we stand together and share the responsibility to serve and support, we accomplish so much more! God bless you and Happy New Year!


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