Podcast is launched!

Our first episode introduces the new podcast and then we delve into Fr. Alexander Schmemann’s “The Task of Orthodox Theology Today”. We have a few episodes already recorded and will be sharing them in the upcoming weeks! Not just monologues! We will also have guests on the pod! Subscribe and share! Hit the image to go to the Ancient Faith webpage for the podcast.

Guidance for our Times, and Always: Twenty Beautiful Life-Giving Patterns of Reality Concerning Sex and Marriage

In light of the widespread misunderstandings and confusion about human sexuality and marriage in our own day, and the vast amount of suffering that this is bringing to so many people, especially young people, I would like to humbly offer this list of simple, clear patterns of the way Reality has been set up by our Lord for the optimal well-being of all.  I hope and pray that this list will be helpful for those who are wondering how to personally navigate among all the various views about sexuality that are vying for our attention today.  …