New Episode forthcoming – Keeping the Faith.

Since Fr Andrew Damick and Michael Landsmen on The Areopagus Podcast recently had on Fr. Wesley Walker of The Sacramentalists podcast…we thought we’d follow suit and have Fr Myles Hixson, the other half of the Sacramentalists, on to Every Thought Captive.

Today, on this feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, Fr Daniel and Fr Myles sat down to record podcast on “Keeping the Faith – The Influence of Parents”. Our discussion is guided by an article published in First Things by Christian Smith, “Keeping the Faith“. The good news is that parents have an incredible influence on their children staying faithful. The bad news is that parents have an incredible influence on their children!

Look for this episode to drop soon!

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Handing Down the Faith, by Christian Smith and Amy Adamczyk
Books referenced in the podcast:

About Fr. Daniel Greeson

Father Daniel holds an M.T.S. from Vanderbilt Divinity School at Vanderbilt University and an M.Div. from Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary. He is rector of St. Anne’s Orthodox Church (OCA) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.


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