New Episode forthcoming – Keeping the Faith.

Since Fr Andrew Damick and Michael Landsmen on The Areopagus Podcast recently had on Fr. Wesley Walker of The Sacramentalists podcast…we thought we’d follow suit and have Fr Myles Hixson, the other half of the Sacramentalists, on to Every Thought Captive. Today, on this feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, Fr Daniel and Fr Myles sat down to record podcast on “Keeping the Faith – The Influence of Parents”. Our discussion is guided by an article published in First Things by Christian Smith, “Keeping the Faith“. The good news is that parents have an incredible influence…

Podcast is launched!

Our first episode introduces the new podcast and then we delve into Fr. Alexander Schmemann’s “The Task of Orthodox Theology Today”. We have a few episodes already recorded and will be sharing them in the upcoming weeks! Not just monologues! We will also have guests on the pod! Subscribe and share! Hit the image to go to the Ancient Faith webpage for the podcast.