Part of the reason for some of the low activity level here at Every Thought Captive has been the gearing up for the launching of a podcast! The podcast will be dedicated to the same themes as the blog…but more dynamic and interactive! Yes, we will continue with the production of new content – in depth analysis that bringing Orthodox thought and tradition to bear on current social and cultural issues. I also plan to go back and revisit certain threads and expanding those forays. We also plan to have on guests for interviews and discussions. More information will be forthcoming!!!

About Fr. Daniel Greeson

Father Daniel holds an M.T.S. from Vanderbilt Divinity School at Vanderbilt University and an M.Div. from Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary. He is rector of St. Anne’s Orthodox Church (OCA) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.


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  1. This is wonderful news!! Getting this across two platforms is a true blessing. God’s strength to you all.

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