A Letter to Saint Philonella

I wonder many things about your life. I am thrilled to know as much as I do, since there is very little on so many saints that have passed through this life. I contemplate what your life must have been like, to be both educated and come from a family with means, and also to have a heart for those who struggle, including those who couldn’t afford to see a physician. What was it like to work closely with your sister? Did you face trouble from your family for choosing this life over, say, marriage and children? What opposition did you face from male students and teachers as you studied and worked?

Schedule for the Ancient Faith Women’s Retreat

The first-ever Ancient Faith Women’s Retreat will take place at Antiochian Village in Bolivar, PA on November 15-18, 2018. You can see a complete list of our speakers and topics here. For the purposes of this post, just remember that our speakers are Elissa Bjeletich, Nicole Roccas, Melissa Naasko, Molly Sabourin, and Melinda Johnson, and we’ll be joined by Barli Ross from the Antiochian Village staff. All sessions will run twice, and…

Ancient Faith Speakers Near You

Ancient Faith Ministries isn’t only available to you on the radio or in our bookstore. Our wonderful family of content contributors are also invited speakers at events around the country. We’ll do our best this year to keep you posted on where we are. We hope you’ll join us as we participate in the many opportunities we find in the life of the Church!