Renewing Your Marriage: Information on the Upcoming Online Retreat

  Marriage is hard work. Sometimes, it’s harder than it needs to be because we don’t have the right tools to help us in our struggles. Join Fr. Nick and Dr. Roxanne Louh for a life-giving online marriage retreat. Drawing on faith and psychology, the Louhs will help you understand what makes couples argue and how you can turn those hard times into strengths. As you learn more about the mind and…

Two Become One: A Riddle and Its Answer

Reflection questions abound in this book, and are designed for couples to discuss together in order to learn more about (and from) one another. Questions such as "What does agape love mean?" or "In what ways is your home like the Church?" serve as thought-provoking prompts on the meaning of marriage, and can serve as a constant source of conversation for couples new and experienced.