Call for Proposals: 2022 Ancient Faith Content Creator Conference

  The Ancient Faith Content Creator Conference (AFCon) is back! And it’s bigger and better than ever! On September 19-22, 2022, we will once again be able to gather content creators together to network, learn, and be inspired. This conference is expanding in several ways over previous AFCons: The conference will be two full days/three nights instead of one day/two nights. We are inviting artists, designers, and illustrators to join us as…

Mom and Kids review Rooted in Prayer Virtual Vacation Church Camp

The most surprising result of the week of church camp was this deepening sense of prayer.  My children have all grown up in the church and have been saying family prayers since they were born and attend church on a regular basis, etc., so you would think they would have a very firm grasp of what prayer is and its importance. 

Lent for Creatives: Five Hard Lessons

During this Lenten season, we are all engaged in spiritual struggle of one kind or another, and it seems a good moment to share what I've learned in the last five years about the intersection of creativity, struggle, and media publishing. With this goal, I've created a list of five hard lessons we all seem to encounter on our way to producing high-quality books and podcasts. If you have already been published, this list will be familiar. If you are still trying to be published, it may be even more familiar! I pray it will be helpful, no matter which side of that fence you occupy.