Scripture, Stress, Sanctity of Life, and More at AFR This Week

LIVE SHOWS: There are 7 live programs this week! Remember, you can hear our live shows on the Ancient Faith Radio app or on our website. During the show, call 1-855-AFRADIO (1-855-237-2346) with questions or comments. All programs are recorded. Listen to previous episodes at the links provided. Tonight on Search the Scriptures LIVE!, we will continue our study of Romans. Did anyone notice that what St. Paul said in chapter 1 about the connection between…

Ancient Faith Today with Fr. Tom Soroka

We're very excited to be hosting the relaunch of Ancient Faith Today LIVE beginning Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 9:00 pm ET. We're working diligently to develop important topics and book interesting guests for our curious and informed listeners! Because it's a weekly live call-in show, everyone will have an opportunity to join the conversation.