Four Surprising Reasons Why You Should Donate to Ancient Faith Radio

This is a straight-up, bright and shiny, honest request for your financial support. It’s December. You could turn 360 degrees slowly and see a request for donations on every one of the 360 points of view. We know. We know you work hard, and we know you have choices. So here’s our list of 4 big reasons why we believe Ancient Faith Radio is a good place for your year-end donation. 1.ā€¦

Save the Date! Tuesday, November 27

Dear Friends, We’re growing! This year,Ā  Ancient Faith Radio added 5Ā new podcasts, 16 new specialsā€”featuring conferences, symposia, seasonal programming, and diocesan assembliesā€”and 2 new live shows. We also hosted our firstĀ Grow-A-Thon, broadcasting live for most of 2 days to celebrate our growth and theĀ  move into our newĀ studio headquarters! This year, we’ve also reached the point where it’s time to set up more remote studios. Remote studios are high-tech broadcasting equipment likeā€¦