When God Made Us To Pray With Love

Earlier this year, I was visiting with family in Arizona and offered to hang out in the Sunday school rooms at an Orthodox church in Northern Scottsdale. I often do this when I travel, so I can meet new Orthodox kids and do one of my favorite things—share books with them.

Soul Winning – An Orthodox Christian Concept

Becoming Orthodox, it took a while to understand the Orthodox approach to evangelism. I heard a lot about “Come and See,” but very little about “Go and Tell.” It also became apparent that when we said evangelism and conversion, we were actually talking about bringing existing Christians into the Orthodox Faith from other Christian traditions. Yet, in researching the historical practice of the Orthodox Church, I saw a rich, vibrant, and aggressive model of consistently successful evangelism of entire countries.

Discovering Life by Facing Death

Kevin Allen is a long-time program host, board member, and friend of Ancient Faith Ministries who was recently diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Here he shares his reflections on this time in his life.

In May of 2016 I was diagnosed with spontaneous (not familial) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. It is also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” after the baseball player who died of this disease in 1934. ALS is a complex, progressive and ultimately terminal motor neuron disease with a two-to-five year life expectancy. There are “alternative” therapies but none of them have been proven to cure ALS. My hope though is that they may reduce or postpone the degenerative symptoms while I prepare myself.

Welcome! You’re Already Here!

If you listen to Ancient Faith radio, read books from Ancient Faith Publishing, follow a blogger on our platform, or visit with us on social media, you are already part of a thriving community of people who love the Orthodox Christian Church and seek to bring her into their daily lives. Like all good friends, we want to know you better! We want to expand our conversation with you, sharing the dreams and accomplishments of this ministry with you, and giving you every opportunity to talk with us about this important work.