Fr. Jeremy Davis: Stumbling into Sacrifice

As an Evangelical Protestant kid, I picked up a certain idea of sacrifice: a worshiper lays his hand upon an innocent lamb, draining his sins into the creature, then a priest comes forward to end the animal’s life, thus satisfying God’s need to punish the sinner. I can’t pinpoint whom I learned this from or when—it was just in the air, so to speak. In hindsight, this interpretation was clearly a projection…

Love at Lent: Daily family activities for kindness, positivity, and love during Great Lent

Available now for preorder is the perfect gift for your family this Lenten season: Love at Lent is a colorful box filled with activity cards to be drawn at random each day of Great Lent, designed to encourage kindness, humility, and mindfulness for the whole family during this special time in our faith.  Orthodox Christians are asked to fast, pray, repent, and give as we prepare for the Resurrection of our Lord…

2021 Journey to Pascha Chart

Glory to God for all things! We are thankful to offer this chart each year. It is lovingly created by Fr. Jonathan Bannon, and it travels around the world. It’s shared and translated in multiple languages – a small evidence of the great truth that we walk this path together as the body of Christ. Here you see the chart as a JPG. Scroll down below the JPG to download a PDF.…

Mom and Kids review Rooted in Prayer Virtual Vacation Church Camp

The most surprising result of the week of church camp was this deepening sense of prayer.  My children have all grown up in the church and have been saying family prayers since they were born and attend church on a regular basis, etc., so you would think they would have a very firm grasp of what prayer is and its importance. 

Happy Father’s Day

Today, I will dwell on the issue of what makes a man a dad. A father can become a dad only in a school called, “the academy of marriage,” where he learns what to say and do. A good dad most often has a good father to learn from.

Journey to Pascha 2020 Chart

The Journey to Pascha chart is a wonderful resource that has become a popular annual tradition. Created by Fr. Jonathan Bannon and generously shared with Ancient Faith and the world at large, this chart can be used like a map of Lent, marking off the milestones through this holy season and providing a suggestion for personal spiritual practice for each week.

Journey to Pascha 2019 Chart

We’re delighted to share this year’s edition of Fr. Jonathan Bannon’s wonderful “Journey to Pascha” chart. This chart can be used like a map of Lent, marking off the milestones along the way and providing a suggestion for personal spiritual practice for each week. Last year, the original edition of this chart traveled around the world. It was even translated into other languages. Glory to God! Fr. Jonathan came up with the…