Statement in response to “Orthodoxy’s Appeal to the Liberal Left” by an author with the pseudonym Ioannis Constantinou

Recently, an article called into question Ancient Faith Ministries’ commitment to Orthodox Christianity by ascribing to it ulterior motives which might undermine the integrity of the Orthodox Faith. Other entities were also indicted, and we have no comment about them. 

Save the Date! Tuesday, November 27

Dear Friends, We’re growing! This year,  Ancient Faith Radio added 5 new podcasts, 16 new specials—featuring conferences, symposia, seasonal programming, and diocesan assemblies—and 2 new live shows. We also hosted our first Grow-A-Thon, broadcasting live for most of 2 days to celebrate our growth and the  move into our new studio headquarters! This year, we’ve also reached the point where it’s time to set up more remote studios. Remote studios are high-tech broadcasting equipment like…

Soul Winning – An Orthodox Christian Concept

Becoming Orthodox, it took a while to understand the Orthodox approach to evangelism. I heard a lot about “Come and See,” but very little about “Go and Tell.” It also became apparent that when we said evangelism and conversion, we were actually talking about bringing existing Christians into the Orthodox Faith from other Christian traditions. Yet, in researching the historical practice of the Orthodox Church, I saw a rich, vibrant, and aggressive model of consistently successful evangelism of entire countries.

Welcome! You’re Already Here!

If you listen to Ancient Faith radio, read books from Ancient Faith Publishing, follow a blogger on our platform, or visit with us on social media, you are already part of a thriving community of people who love the Orthodox Christian Church and seek to bring her into their daily lives. Like all good friends, we want to know you better! We want to expand our conversation with you, sharing the dreams and accomplishments of this ministry with you, and giving you every opportunity to talk with us about this important work.